5 Reliable Luxury Cars Under 10K

5 Dependable luxurious automobiles below 10Okay
Many individuals assume that purchasing luxurious automobiles at all times results in extra bills down the highway. Whereas that is perhaps true for a lot of excessive finish luxurious automobiles, there are some that provide nice reliability and low cost upkeep price that received't break your pockets. I've give you a listing that includes 5 used superior luxurious automobiles that may have you ever driving in fashion for lower than $10000.

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    1. agreed…but there is a market for conservative cars. a huge market for it. I sometimes will choose a better designed less reliable car because I like exterior design. sure it’s not the best idea but I like what I like and if I’m spending the money for something I want to own for a while I need to like it….I had an ES for a short time because my parents gave it to me and yeah it was great but all I could think about was man this car is boring lol

    1. Robert Maimone
      The Infiniti G37 doesn’t have a CVT. It uses a 7-speed automatic transmission. Now, the Nissan Maxima or Altima..different story…both have the dreaded CVT.

    2. Israel Clarkson Lexus GS, IS, or LS only, Infinity cars drive better but may have transmission issues if you choose the wrong one. Don’t over look Genesis!

    1. Buy the newest Toyota or Honda you can find for that price.
      If you are handy and have tools, you can steal one for $500 and make the repairs (folks will “give” old cars away that often need minor repairs)

    1. nkate3tv Cadillacs were very reliable and known as the best luxury cars back in the 50s haha , every Cadillac serves no purpose. They’re so dirt cheap new that a 2017 one literally looses 65% if it’s value in one year. An Xts or CTs can’t even compare to a Mercedes e300 haha, let alone there top tier ct6 will never bear a s560

  1. I love these videos there so good these are really good car videos my favorite part is when the Acura does a burnout it’s insane keep up the great work

    Aka I just noticed I was one of the first 50th subs

  2. What? No panther bodies? If you’re talking cheap luxury you can’t skip the grand marquis and the town car. Ever driven one of those things? Smooth as butter. Quiet. Like driving your sofa down the road. No it’s not fast but it’s got enough umph to merge into highways pretty easily and it gets great gas mileage for a v8. And it’ll seat 6 with an additional 5 bodies in the trunk. And you wanna talk reliability? Basically bullet proof. Try 300 to 500k miles easy. just got an 06 with barely 100k miles on it in mint condition. Leather doesn’t even look like its been sat in for 5800 bucks. These things are dirt cheap.

  3. 2006 Lexus LS. Probably the most reliable used luxry car. Also 2007 Mercedes Benz E-550 (V8). The E-550 has a little muscle car to it with the V8 and the twin exhaust but still a Benz in every respect. A black one with black leather and those 5 spoke AMG rims looks too good.

    1. Just fyi guys: I try not to put more than one car from the same auto brand in one video. I try my best to diversify the list. Also my newest video which is part 2 to this video has the GS

  4. Oddly reliable car for under $10k? A Mercedes E320 2005. That year they updated the electronics and interior, but kept the reliable old 3.2 V6 and doesn’t have the problematic air suspension. I see them for sale often with over 200k Miles and they seem to hold up well. Parts are kinda expensive, but honestly aren’t bad.

    1. You could even get a Mercedes e 350 2008/9 years for less than 10k. I recently saw a 2010 E 350 for 11k dollars as well. You can also get a 2012 C300 for 12k with low mileage.

    2. Tyler Beeson tell me about it, they tried to charge me 450 fucking dollars to fix my 2008 CLK 550s soft top ( it wouldn’t go up) after declining that and taking it somewhere else the reservoir in the trunk was empty and after filled it worked again, 50 dollars. They tried to cheat me 400 bucks. Soon after I sold it and promised myself to never buy a Benz again, unless they decide to go back to there manufacturers from the 80s when the brand was actually reliable lol

  5. Sorry for the unpolished voice in this video. I’ve been sick for over week and my voice was completely gone which is why It took me so long to upload another video. Thanks for being patient 🙂 That said, which is your favorite car from this video?

    1. I know the cars you named are a different class. The03-11 Lincoln town car is in a class of its own. Maintenance is easy because it shares most parts with Ford crown Victoria and parts are abundant and cheap, fuel consumption is off the chart but I have one and on a long highway Cruze mine pulls off 8.5L/100km at 100km/h in cities it is a bit excessive Nothing beats it in comfort for 6 passengers It is like driving a couch they are built durable and safe.

    2. Great video 🙂 I’m kinda biased on my favorite since my current car is a 2012 Infiniti G37x Coupe. I’ve had her for
      about 4 years and LOVE this car! Great performance from the 330 HP 3.7L V6, plus it has AWD for the winter. The Coupe does look nicer than the Sedan, but you can’t go wrong either way. This car has been extremely reliable and you get all of the power of the Nissan Z, but more amenities and space for 4 people!

    1. Reliability is definitely important, but for luxury cars, features always comes first. Ultimately, it is the features that defines luxury, not reliability

    2. depends, i am the guy that did not leave the house yet, prefers comfort over speed and though i considered buying a volkswagen phaeton w12 and an audi v10,…god that reliability and price when something breaks down….ugh…no tnx.

    3. George Dang my 100k mile 2008 RX350 is in better condition, runs better, seats are in better shape, plastics etc all in better those than my friends 2013 Chrysler 300 that he bought new

      Edit: his has 40k Highway miles mine has 100k City miles

    1. Might want to be careful on older Acura TL’s. Some of the years had problems with the exploding airbags made by Takata. Here’s the Takata Airbag Recall list (as you can see, 2002-2003 Acura 3.2 TL and 2009-2014 Acura TL are both on the list…along with several other Acura models…Infiniti is on the list too, but thank God, not the G37 model, which I own!): http://www.nydailynews.com/autos/news/takata-airbag-recall-list-cars-article-1.2602999

    2. Under 5k would include 2003-2006 Infiniti g35 sedan and coupe, and Lexus older than 2006 (IS300 ES300/330 GS300/400 LS400/430), And some Acura TLX can be found for under 5k, but the best Acura’s for under 5k are TL type S and CL type s. All are fantastic cars, reliable too, but be aware of Acura’s transmission issues on CL and TL models.

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