How to make High Performance Smoke Devices – Part 2

*For academic use solely

A whole clarification and step-by-step demonstration of the development of smoke gadgets that work unusually effectively. PART 2

Ratios (in weight):
12 components potassium nitrate
eight components sugar
10 components wax

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  1. Sir your subscriber count is way lower than it should, but you have just gained another for sure. Best smoke bombs I have seen yet! Awesome video, parts 1 & 2. Kudos!!!!

    1. If making rocket motors and beautiful smoke effects is helping terrorists then teach them by all means, maybe they will make big enough rocket motors to piss off to the moon, or treat us all to a massive daytime smokework display in the desert somewhere.
      I agree with the Original Responder wholeheartedly, not enough subscribers.

    2. Thanks for the support! We believe it will steadily increase and because it is based on videos that require a lot of effort and hopefully provide real value, the support we have gotten so far is solid. Spread the word.

  2. One of the best channels on YouTube. I watched 45 minutes of smoke device production. Never intend to make one. But still, just the way of explaining and the whole process. Very interesting and entertaining.

    You and your son could go “pro” and work on YouTube full time, easily.

  3. I feel badly for those who watch this video and are frustrated about the
    missing “Part 1”. That video went into considerable depth about the
    chemistry behind these smoke devices as well as the construction of the
    containers. YouTube has decided, after review, not to allow that video
    to be posted. It is not clear what was the determining factor in that
    decision and so it is unclear what might trigger a similar decision in
    the future. Rather than provide little hints and suggestions here and
    there and risk the gauntlet again. Part One is now up on Dailymotion.

    1. This is a great video series, I was going to say… demonetised πŸ™ Very well presented and appears YT has allowed the full series now. I guess they have to be careful and their algorithms stop alot of informative fun videos. Bitchute is good, vimeo (for professionals) and daily motion as you say. I wish people could boycott YT.

  4. This was our response to some questions about the missing “Part One”.

    “YouTube has removed it for review, citing “hazardous” content. We
    suspect this is a bot flagging in view of its listing as educational.
    When you compare it to dozens of other videos about smoke bombs and
    pyrotechnics in general, it is very benign. Safety considerations are
    also included in our video. We suspect that their review will be in our
    favor and the video will soon be available again. Keep watching and
    thanks for your support.”

    In keeping with a philosophy of safety first, I don’t think it would be helpful, in the long run, to just throw together a recipe and a few pointers. Please be patient and along with us, keep your fingers crossed.

    1. Tech Ingredients I was wondering If you could figure out how to make the smoke heavier. What I mean is smoke that doesn’t rise so quickly like HC Smoke what we use in the military. Any ideals?

    2. Tech Ingredients well you tube is run by uneducated morons because I did the same things in science class from the 3rd grade til my senior year read a chemistry book and you can learn smoke bombs, rockets and how to make a magnesium torch also watch the new or old Macgyver tv show and learn the same thing . Its science and chemistry class and it’s not like your teaching how to make a nuke YouTube pisses me off .

    3. It must’ve been because of the embedded words used to describe/label the content of the video itself (e.g. the word “bomb” – I believe – is programmed to trigger a block whenever a video containing it is posted). Wording it as “smoke device” or something in that order will pass, as far as I know.
      AWESOME content, as usual. πŸ™‚

  5. Amazing videos. It is july 17 of 2018 and I was able to watch the “part 1” of this video with no problem. Great video, great science, and all around a great smoke bomb. I will be using these for fun in my airsoft games as well as paintball, and even for something for the kids to enjoy during the parties.

  6. Your neighbors must REALLY LOVE YOU !!!
    How many times have there been frantic calls to the fire department? ;>}
    On a more serious note: what if you were to put some sort of deflector plate on the device to diffuse the smoke horizontally?
    As it is, although impressive, is putting the smoke too high – straight up into the air which is OK for being seen but not so good for hindering visibility on the ground.
    But I like it. Copious amounts of smoke!!!

    1. I’m not sure that this is a problem. If the smoke is not rocketed up by the nozzle, it may not drift upward very quickly. Another method would be to install a deflector disk several cm above the nozzle with short rods or wires and begin with a 360 degree lateral spread of the smoke.

    2. Military smoke trucks use a chemical process to create the smoke, which is pumped out mechanically. Also, the smoke is denser than air and has a tendency to hug the ground.

    3. the big one with an even bigger hole and a deflector rail (much better than laying it on it’s side) would certainly be considered military grade.

    4. +Tech Ingredients

      Military grade smoke grenades use a cool smoke process, which keeps the smoke near the ground, where I want it. What about a coiled pipe as a condenser device to cool the smoke.

      Also, have you tried using potassium nitrate and aluminum powder as a starter?

      Have you tried pull initiators?

  7. Next time bend 1cm of the fuse back on itself, into a U-shape, and then stick it in the smokebomb and pack the powder in ontop. That will lock it securely in place.

  8. Nice , I’ve done a few coloured ones with KClO3 / Lactose and smoke die , they worked well when heavily compressed into a tube .

    1. I will demonstrate those in the next video. I’ll go through the chemistry and then we’ll turn it up a notch and show some neat modifications as well.

    1. Stump remover from Home Depot or Lowes works perfectly, it’s 100% Potassium Nitrate, I have made several Smoke Bombs and rockets from it, but if you plan to make a substantial amount you might be able to find a larger quantity online at a comparable price.

  9. So cool! Love it! I would love to see a little mixing of disciplines… Night time backyard smoke bomb + high power, low divergence laser projectors (with Spatial filtering, of course). Perhaps recorded from a heavy lift multirotor. 😎

    1. You know what makes almost as good a smoke cloud as these smoke bombs?
      Accidentally exploding a flask of boiling sulfuric acid.
      The more you know.

  10. I know this is going to sound stupid but do they work better in the vertical position or can they be laid down horizontally and get the same performance?

    1. as long as the powdered ignition mixture doesn’t fall out it should work fine… might shoot around a bit, they’re essentially rockets.

    2. The orientation to gravity should have no effect on the combustion. The mixture doesn’t rely on an external oxygen source, so it should work even in a vacuum, although the smoke wouldn’t really do the same thing in a vacuum and it would turn into a really crappy rocket engine.

  11. Very informative videos! It sure does seem like you know a lot about the things you talk about and most importantly you seem to enjoy it πŸ™‚

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