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Unreal Engine four Elemental Demo

Essentially the most world-class recreation engine up to now, Unreal Engine four offers you the ability to do greater than ever earlier than. Unreal Engine four's structure presents totally dynamic lighting options, slicing down on growth time and making certain much less iteration on inventive concepts.

Artists and designers can deliver their inventive visions to life straight in recreation with out programmer help through the brand new Unreal Kismet. This presents programmers the liberty to give attention to core gameplay options and complicated techniques. With vital new visible options, Unreal Engine four allows you to obtain high-end visuals, whereas remaining each scalable and accessible to make video games for low-spec PCs.

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  1. You could say that this was…
    ( •_•)>⌐■-■ 

    (Side note, wouldn’t it be awesome if this was a map in the new UT game?)

    1. An Unreal community member is making a map with the assets from this demo. Check this out: https://forums.unrealtournament.com/showthread.php?14556-CTF-Elemental

  2. Epic should extend this demo even further into Unreal 3 or Unreal Tournament 4. And while they’re at it, a Jazz Jackrabbit 3 on U4 technology would be nice. Fortnight looks cartoony, too. Now it’s Jazz’s turn!

    1. +Pedro Sedlak
      Its not a video i have the actual engine. And Im not sure if they have donloads for the pc somewhere. Full support effects require DX11 supported GPUs and the system will dial off effects depending on this. 

    2. +Kevin Mitchell The ”ground break to the ice colloses is awesome” was shown in the PS4 demo, not the PC demo. Could you please post a download link for the demo you have found, because I can only find the PS4 demos.

    3. +Pedro Sedlak

      I have the engine and it looks the same to me  but the above version is cut off by 10 seconds becaUSE THE GROUND BREAK TO THE ICE COLLOSES IS AWESOME

  3. Well, Here we are. In 2017. 5 years later and games still, to this day, do not look anywhere near as glorious as these 2 minutes. Sad to say 🙁

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