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  1. I got my first paying gig because I walked into a coffee shop with my camera on a massive strap over my neck/shoulder, a baseball cap backwards, and a Chrome bag. The owner of a bike shop came to me because I LOOKED like a photographer and he needed one for an event. Whenever I wear something that makes me look like a creatiive and I have my camera on me, I get asked if I’m a photographer. Wrist straps are awesome and low key and I use them too, but honestly, looking like a working creative has gotten me in more conversations than I can count. IG: @hanadphoto

    1. Absolutely agree. Just discovered his channel about a month ago, and especially the clips since then are just blowing me away. The way he uses creative tools and the making of his clips is unique!! It’s so exciting to watch him!

  2. I charged $150 for a 45 second promo, (my first one) it took around 4-5 hours. Shot with a $1500 rig, is that about right or should I have charged more

    1. You might want to ask yourself if you value your time. If you value time and charge higher rates you will be amazed at how much better your work will be and make more money at the same time. Don’t ever be afraid to charge more. Ask and ye shall receive. You can do it.

    2. @Austin Schrock , I’m not sure but ,if anyone else wants to uncover earn cash make ways to make money with your camera try Loctavan Camera Cash Strategy (just google it ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate got cool results with it.

  3. I remember when you taped that gopro to your foot; I miss when you put the camera in really unique places.. could you do more of that?

  4. 1:08 – #1 Contracts
    2:20 – #2 Not Charging Enough
    4:20 – #3 Checklists
    5:29 – #4 Meeting in Person
    6:31 – #5 Putting Yourself Out There

  5. So many solid points Peter! I’ve been stood up NUMEROUS times by my own family and friends for graphic design jobs that I’ve done, that they’ve gone back and forth with me about, and never got that payment, and can’t ask for it. No contract, no payment! It happens too easy, and sometimes I’ve found those I ask to sign a contract will back out (maybe it’s intent not to pay for the finished product?).. sh*t happens! I’ve learned the hard way, as many others have also. It’s ok to work for free, but don’t keep doing it! With the amount I’ve been paid, I could barely afford gas or lunches on freelance jobs. I’m a solid designer, and I know it now, and a decent photographer – know your worth, and keep to your guns everyone!

  6. Please people, take all that Peter is saying and tattooed it on your arm if necessary. Can’t remark this enough. Those are things that you learn over time and by the hard way. It’s all fun and games til you break a 1000/3000 $ gear on a gig that barely pays you for the gas, or that you spend hours and hours working on something that doesnt represent the ultimate good that you trade, which is your time (aka your life).

  7. Something I’ve discovered and could be a helpful tip for some people, if you are looking for a lot of portrait practice, and this may sound weird but, see if there are any local anime or comic conventions in your area. Again, may sound weird to a lot of people but if you’re just starting our with photography and need some practice and would like to work with a broad range of different kinds of portraiture find a convention and post in their fb page that you’re willing to do free shoots for cosplayers at the con. This could also be a great way to earn some money on the side if you feel you’d like to charge because there are tons of people who really want photos of their costumes and they are all in one place so you don’t have to worry about scheduling seperate shoots for different days and vastly different locations. I’ve been getting into photography lately and I already attend conventions and cosplay so I decided to post that I was providing free shoots to build my portfolio and I had tons of people message me about booking shoots. You aren’t going to be working with professional models and there may be times when you aren’t shooting at the best time of day but those are all great challenges to push yourself through.

    Some people may not want this kind of work in their portfolio and that’s totally understandable but it can still be really great throw away practice.

    1. +APT yeah good point, my main thing though is that it makes great “throw away” practice for newer photographers or people just looking to practice with something a little different from the normal model photography you typically see. And from my own knowledge not a ton of photographers do that sort of thing at conventions a whole lot, at least where I’m from. Of course though if it is the case and you get to that level of photographer it is important to know and practice the proper legal guidelines with you’re photography.

    2. That actually sounds like a great idea, but you’d want to get the models to waive commercial rights to the photos, just in case you sell them to the hosts of the convention.

  8. Peter, when will you introduce your editor? πŸ™‚ I can feel your stuff is edited a bit differently and these motion graphics in your latest videos are something you could not find time for I suppose πŸ™‚ Just curious πŸ˜‰

    1. Danny W he has an editor, he just isn’t so acknowledging it. It’s a certainty, unless he says something you won’t beleov it, but believe it. One of Mattis top 5 believe that or not.

    2. I noticed videos are coming out really quickly, like three vids this week?! 😱 so I think he’s narrowing down his options by having different editors edit the videos (which is what we’re watching rn) or he’s already chosen one.

    3. I can see that the discussion is really vivid πŸ™‚ I just want to clarify. I think that there’s someone else involved in a post-processing of the latest videos. I’m not saying that Peter isn’t editing at all. But I think he has someone who helps. BUT I THINK THIS IS A GOOD THING! The man has two children if I’m correct. Wife. A lot of things on a business side of YT. Photography. Arrangements. Gigs. A lot to cover. So if there’s someone else in his team, it will help him deliver more good stuff. THIS IS GOOD. Hope now it’s clear that I’m not thinking there’s something wrong with it. I’m a video editor and I have a channel as well. And the reason I’m asking is that I’m interested how the collaboration between Peter and his editor looks like. I edit for a company on the other side of the globe and it is really interesting topic for me. That’s why I asked.
      Keep up the good work Peter!

  9. Great video Peter! I really appreciate you sharing your years of knowledge with us and assisting in teaching the next generation of photographers/videographers <3

  10. Yo! This rocks. Telling it like it is, love it. So many people make these mistakes and give up their dream because they simply don’t know. Thanks for putting out great content.

    What asshats disliked this? My guess is they all call themselves photographers, but use their iPhone and only use Instagram for clients. πŸ˜‚

  11. I’m subscribed to some channels that make tips, tutorials, behind the scenes. The business aspect of what we are doing is so underated and not enough talked about by those channels. You, good sir, with this single video about business have outclassed all the other channels, combined! From my point of view, you’ve outclassed *Film Riot* in this topic. Good Day!

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