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Kevin Baillie, VFX supervisor on the movie “Welcome to Marwen,” talks about how his group transferred the life and soul of actors’ performances to digital dolls with a novel digital manufacturing resolution. The group constructed out an in depth model of Marwen’s miniature doll city in Unreal Engine, giving director Robert Zemeckis the power to do real-time previews of movement seize, focused to costumed doll characters, in opposition to the sequences’ precise backdrops.

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  1. Clearly the story is stolen from Henry Darger’s imaginary world called “In the Realms of the Unreal”!!! OMG hahaha!!!
    They indeed try to obscure it, mostly by not giving this mad man any credits.

  2. stuff like this makes me glad I chose Unreal. Unity is a little easier to get a handle on for sure, but I think the learning curve of Unreal is justified when you look at it’s capabilities and the door of opportunity it opens for employment within a range of industries. Plus it’s not going anywhere, too many studios are using it.
    There’s not a lot of scholastic education for Unreal for free out on the web, but if you pay a little there are some fantastic and cheap courses available out there that have helped me a lot so far, and gave good bang for the buck.

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    1. +Artsy Omni Well, not a traditional headset. Ha. They will have to make a different kind that’s farther from the face or something. Idk if it’s possible, but it would be cool.

    1. UE4’s real time rendering is not suited for movie-quality VFX. It’s being used mostly for pre-viz purposes. UE4 can stream mocap data in real time, it can also be used as the Virtual Camera solution. And integrated VR support, wich can be used as a guide for mocap actors.

      Essentially, it’s a storyboarding solution for those who can’t draw.

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