Why Does The “Note Tool” Exist in Photoshop?

The Observe Software Can Be a Blessing If You Are Working as a Staff in Photoshop! On this tutorial, learn to use the Observe Software to speak along with your crew members whereas engaged on a venture collectively. Or possibly, in your personal notes.

Hope this tutorial helps. Thanks for watching 🙂

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  1. Very handy…don’t really work in a team at this point, but I am happy to know the tool exists. I’ve been known to forget what I myself wanted changed, so a note to myself might be just the thing! Thanks so much!

  2. This tool need major improvements for it to be really useful. It’s too easy to miss a note. I would rather have something more interactive online similar to the functions found in Invision. Doesn’t adobe have something like that?

    1. Helps break down or split up an image for faster loading and also for link creations when designing websites in PhotoShop. I’m sure these days its rarely used because of all the other ways to create websites that are a lot less time consuming

  3. I know this from years, I asked so many others to use this but they asked me to communicate with them in some other way!
    glad to see this as a tutorial from you unmesh!👌
    By the way the BGM at the end is so cool!👍

  4. Hey ! I’m using Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 but I’m having a problem while rendering a Video file while I was trying a Parallax Effect in Photoshop CC 2019. Can you please help me solving this out 😶

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